Sunday, May 29, 2011


How do you make tough decisions? Do you marinate endlessly on them? Do you decide quickly? Maybe you're one of those that makes a pros and cons list.

For me, I usually pray about it, marinate a bit, and then decide. But the key word here is "usually!" Sometimes a decision is made for you by a sudden change in events or the actions of people. I admit, this has happened to me. I may have already decided to handle something in one way and then "BANG," something happens that either takes the decision completely out of my hands or cause me to instantly change my mind about how I'm going to handle it. So is this such a bad thing? Do these sudden changes in reality that cause a sudden change in our actions make us an "uncontrolled" person? I don't think so.

Let's analyze this. We sometimes are afforded the opportunity to look at a particular situation and spend time looking at what the end product will be based on the path we decide to take. This is particularly true when deciding on a vacation or a major purchase. We can sit down, calculate the cost, plan an itinerary, all those things. I like being able to "decide" like that. But what happens when decisions are taken away from you? What do you do when the actions of others, the events of a day, or just the plain facts of a situation completely take all decision making away from you?

The "really reality" is that no matter the situation, none of the outcomes are up to us anyway. Our paths have already been decided for us. You see, God decided a long time ago what ups and downs we were going to have to deal with. He already knows what decisions we're going to make and he has already decided what he's going to do about EVERYTHING! What we have to decide is are we willing to accept what God has planned for us? Now that is the though decision and that is the "really reality."

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