Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Thank You Oprah

Tomorrow will be the last Oprah Winfrey show. WOW! 25 years. I can't remember what it was like for Oprah not to be on TV. As a Chicago native I'm feeling quite nostalgic about this milestone in Miss Winfrey's life. I'm also feeling regretful that I never took the initiative to try to get the hottest ticket in town. But that's neither here nor there. As we prepare to say good-bye to the Oprah show let's reflect on what Oprah has meant to our communities.

Now, let me start by saying TO THOSE THAT HAVE SOMETHING NEGATIVE TO SAY ABOUT OPRAH, GO SIT ON AN EGG!! No she is not a perfect person, but she DOES have a good, giving, loving heart and spirit! No one with a soul can sit and watch these two shows being aired from the United Center and not tear up a little. The young ladies stating how Oprah has impacted them and made them believe that "they ARE enough!!" The Morehouse graduates that have come full circle because of Oprah's belief in scholastics. The 25 schools that Target is putting new libraries in because Oprah encouraged us to READ!! Or the the 25000 oak trees that are going to be planted in her honor from coast to coast. And yes, even Patti kicking off her shoes as she sang!

I can only pray that we don't ever forget the good that this one woman has done. You see, when it's done for the pure joy of doing it, it makes it that much sweeter. Let's be real, how many of you actually knew that she had set a personal goal of making sure 1000 black men would get an education at Morehouse? So far, 415 have. She's getting there. The encouragement of women, reminding them that they are powerful and strong. Standing up to those that said no! Celebrating our unsung heroes and reminding of us of OUR history!

So as we prepare to watch the last Oprah Show I would like to say this:

Dear Oprah,
Thank you for being you. Thank you for the tears and the laughs. Thank you for making me hate a little bit on the people who were in the audience at your favorite things shows. Thank you for making me know that it's ok to want more for myself. Thank you for helping me remember who I am and where I come from. Thanks for making me know that I can do it, all of it, any of it, or none of it! Thank you for helping me feel JUSTIFIED!! Thank you for showing me why I need to get to Australia sooner rather than later. Thanks for showing me how beautiful Miraval is (it's in my folks backyard and we've never been.) Thanks for the books! Thanks for loving children and mothering them in your own special way. Thanks for making me appreciate my BFF! Thank you, thank you, thank you. I will miss you but I will be watching OWN!

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