Sunday, May 22, 2011


We go about our daily lives, working, spending time with family, paying bills, etc. But what really dictates why we do the things that we do? Who laid out these "expectations?"

My mom and I had a brief conversation this evening and we touched on the topic of expectations as it relates to education. We both acknowledged that attending college was considered an "expectation" and not an "option" as we were being raised. We also agreed that my sister and I were both raising our children with this same expectation.

Do we place on our kids our hopes and dreams. I would venture to say that to some extent we do. We want our offspring to be productive citizens. I would even say that if we don't have personal goals for our kids that we are doing them a disservice. Goals keep us focused, shouldn't it be the same for our children?

The "reality" is that I believe in my child just as I hope every parent believes in theirs. My folks believed in me. I thank God that they never gave up on me because I was not the most efficient person when it came to getting out of school. But now I have not only a Bachelor degree but a Doctorate as well. I don't know who was prouder that day, me for finishing, or my mom when she heard them say Dr. followed by my name.  I expect that my son will make me just as proud. I expect that he will be well educated and my hubby and I will instill in him the importance of that education. It will be an expectation. The plan will be that he will always know that a college degree is part of the natural progression of his life. And that is the "really reality" for him!

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