Saturday, May 21, 2011


I have a college friend that out of the blue was given the most life changing information ever. CANCER. For some reason that friend was on my mind today. I'm not sure why, I know she's doing well, living life to the fullest, enjoying her child, working and just being incredibly grateful to God that she gets to keep doing all these things because she's in REMISSION!! But yet for whatever reason, I just started thinking about her.

Perhaps it's the knowledge that at any given moment, my life could change. Realistically our lives change on a daily basis. We make plans, we start to execute them, and then POW!! All the plans go south. Now what? Do you start over? Do you give up? Do you change your plan? Which direction are you suppose to head in?

When life throws those unexpected things at you, do you quiver with fear or take a stand? I hope that I can follow the example of my friend. Was she afraid? Duh, of course. Who wouldn't be when you are given a diagnosis that has such an uncertain path. But she did take a stand! She fought. She leaned on those that had always been there for her. She loved her child. She talked to God daily!! I don't doubt that at some point she asked God "why me?" But isn't that just human nature? To ask God, why? 

The "really reality" is that CHANGE is NOT a negative! It may be a challenge but it's meant to make you stronger. Just like my friend fought back against her Cancer, we have to fight those changes that far to many look upon as devastating blows. Change is nothing but an adjustment. It's up to you as to how you handle it. If you roll over, wallow in your tears, and just give up, then expect to get what you have put in: NOTHING!! If you grab the bull by the horns, fight, except that there will be bumps and keep going, then you can expect: SUCCESS! And that my friends is "really reality."


  1. I totally agree. Thank you for your wonderful insight.

  2. Thank you Vanessa. I'm glad that you enjoyed my thoughts. Please feel free to share with your friends.