Saturday, May 28, 2011


I woke up this morning rather annoyed. At first I thought it was because my beagle, Sasha, had conveniently forgotten that it's Saturday and wanted to go out at 5:15am. Then I realized that it was because I'm missing something that's very important to me. My Friends!

Now don't get me wrong. I have friends here in Houston. But I'm missing those friends that I spent my "formidable" years with. We use to all be in relatively close proximity to each other, no more than a couple hours drive. Now we are all so spread out. Sadly this is not a new occurrence, we've had these miles between us for nearly 9 years. But I'm really, really missing them.

These are the friends that you knew would be down for whatever! The ones that call you at 3pm and you're hanging out with by 7pm. The ones that you can talk to for hours about nothing. The ones that you've been through the craziest of times with. I remember once we were just hanging at the apartment and about midnight someone said, hey let's go to Six Flags tomorrow. Sweet, we had season passes, at 7am we were loaded up and made the 2.5 hr drive to ATL for a day of screams! There's no impromptu outings now. In fact the last time we were ALL together was at my wedding almost 6 years ago.

Maybe I'm being nostalgic. I'm sure that we all have moments when we wish we could go back to the "good 'ole days." But is it really so wrong to want that sometimes. I don't know if my oldest friends follow this blog but if they do I want them to know I MISS YOU!  I hate that it takes an insane amount of time, planning, and hoping that family obligations don't conflict, in order for just a fraction of us to gather together. Maybe we need to place on our calendar a set time every couple of years for a reunion like some families do. Hmm, now there's an idea. Yeah, a time that doesn't revolve around football, bands, weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, etc. Just a time for us to be us! Come on buddies, can we make that our "Really Reality?"

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