Wednesday, July 20, 2011

He does listen (sometimes)!

This is the lovely tote that I just purchased. Normally I wouldn't be so quick to show off a possession but I wanted to share what happened yesterday and it is directly related to this tote.

As a Chit-town girl, born & raised, I have an inbred affinity for Coach bags & purses. I remember when I finally saved up enough money to buy my first one. I headed over to Evergreen Plaza, picked out a cute black purse with a turn clasp and waited not so patiently for them to sear my initials onto the front. When I got home I filled out my registration card and handed it over to my mom so that she could mail it off for me. I couldn't wait to carry that purse to school on Monday! It was my first "grown-up" purchase.

Well since that first black purse, I've managed to save up enough money to purchase a few more (3 to be exact). So when I got the email from my sister saying that the Coach Outlet was having a 3 day online sale up to 70% off, I was super excited! I didn't care that they were discontinued styles. Who cares, it's Coach, they will always be classic! So when the day arrived to log in with the exclusive code, I--DIDN'T! Gasp! I had convinced myself that it just wasn't a wise purchase. But then the 2nd day we were at our coupon group and my sister pulled up the site to show to the other ladies. Then I saw the prices! They really were 70% off! So I thought, maybe I'll take a look when I get home. I--DIDN'T! But on the morning of the 3rd day, I decided to look. And there it was, this lovely extra large tote that would be perfect to carry all my stuff and diaper, wipes, snacks and juice boxes. Not to mention room for my kindle! So after a few minutes of thought I grab a credit card and bought it.

So my lovely tote arrived via Fed Ex yesterday morning. I quickly opened the box and just smiled. It was perfect. Even "Deuce" pointed at it and said "ooh!" Then it hit me, how do I explain this splurge to my hubby? Uh oh, I didn't think about that one. Normally that's the first thing I think of! So there I was hoping he wasn't going to be upset.

So my hubby gets home, early I should add because I had to be downtown at 6, and he's carrying a box. So in an imitation of our son I pointed at the box and say "what that?" And he decides to imitate our son as well and says "MINE!!" It really was quite comical. So he opens his box and pulls out new equipment for his DJing. It was something that he had been speaking of getting for a little while so I wasn't really surprised to see it. But at that moment I thought, hmmm, maybe I should pull out my box. So off to the bedroom I went and got my box. He again imitates our son and says "what that?" To which I replied, "MINE!" and then showed him the bag. And then the surprise comments. Him, "I thought you wanted a black purse?" Me, "I did want a black on black one, but the ones they had were more than I wanted to spend." Him, "it's nice and a good neutral color. How much did it cost me?" I told him and then showed him the tag with the ORIGINAL cost. He shrugs and says, "cool." (insert picture of me with chin on the floor!)

So not only did my hubby not have a "cow" but he acknowledged that he knew I wanted a new black bag and he complimented my alternative selection! We continued to chat a little about it and I discovered that he really does know about the value of a Coach bag. GASP!! He then went back to talking about his equipment purchase.

Amazing, he really does listen (sometimes)!


  1. Why didn't you tell me??? I don't own a coach yet (insert sad face)...but then again Phil wouldn't have been so understanding. But 70% off...Wowsa!!!