Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Different Strokes

I was having a conversation with a friend today that reminded me just how different every household/family is. Not that there's anything wrong with that, but it got me to thinking about my own upbringing and what was deemed important and suitable. I started thinking back to when I was growing up and started contemplating if I was doing a good job bringing Deuce up in the same manner.

Now Deuce is only 2, so at this age he's easy to please. But what happens as he gets older? My husband and I had a conversation a while back about if Deuce would be able to have a car when he turned 16. I was against it he said he must! Now that we reside in an area where public transportation is not an option, I realize that a car at 16 will be something he will need. I don't like it, but it's a reality. Maybe by the time he's 16 the public transport system will have expanded but I seriously doubt it. But what about when he reaches 5 or 6? What will I be purchasing for my son at that age? Things are so different now.

Growing up, when Christmas was drawing near, my folks would hand my sister and I the BIG toy book from Toys 'R Us. (Some of you may not be old enough to remember those.) We were told to make a list and to be sure to place what we wanted the most at the top. Come Christmas morning we would receive 3 or 4 things off of our list. We enjoyed our gifts and cherished them. But even now as adults with our own families we still do one thing that was a standard growing up. We read the Christmas story. Mom & Dad never wanted us to forget why we really celebrated that day. Sure it was nice to get the presents, but we really needed to remember the ultimate gift, the birth of Jesus Christ.

I see how people spend and spend at the holidays. It makes me sad when I think about what that family may go without because of the extravagance of one day. What are we teaching our children? What good comes from giving them the grandest of current items? How do you top it? What do they have to look forward too? I remember being called spoiled when I was growing up. I hated it, I so wanted people to understand that I wasn't just "given" anything. That I earned it. Mom & Dad didn't play! We are so blessed to have parents that can/could give us nearly anything. But we're more blessed because they DIDN'T!!

I personally feel that part of the reason so many children have this sense of entitlement is because of what parents give. I'm sorry, but my son will appreciate everything that he's given. He will know that he is blessed and he will understand the value of it all. If he wants $100 shoes, he will have to work for them. Mama ain't no bank!! LOL But I want him to understand "favor," "grace," "blessed," and know how to be "humble!" A child that is handed EVERYTHING will not know how to appreciate ANYTHING!

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